4209_102105375488_8169119_n“Must have been forces that took me on them wild courses…”

Sara Felice Vetro is human. She is also a voyeur, a wallflower and an overall story eater and teller. An immigrant, a loner, a declassé, a gypsy, a commie, a hippy, an adventurer, a picture taker. A dabbler. A creep. She has always been obsessed with language, people and stories (film, literature and theatre). She grew up with that stuff, her father worked in theatre and film, she followed him around like a puppy most of her childhood in Budapest, Hungary (he did not seem to mind). She spent biggish chunks of her youth in the US, in Los Angeles and New York, she has lived in London for a decade. She studied English literature then film, journalism and media then documentary filmmaking and photography, eventually doing a masters in investigative journalism.  She has watermarked pieces of paper stating she is in possession of a brain and she can skillfully pretend she knows her Chomsky, Bourdieu and such. She has worked in catering and taught English as a foreign language. For a longish while she was convinced she wanted to be a serious journalist and documentary maker and after her masters she worked entry-level gigs at fancy media companies, and people congratulated her long-suffering mother for the first time, ever.

Then “suddenly” her heart got broken pretty badly, she lost her mentor and best friend and eventually everything she thought she “had” and thought valid; things started to look… Different… She did not last in the media and a series of strange circumstances led her to the Actors Temple . She sold everything she owned of value and trained in the Meisner Technique, which an acting technique but it is also much more. She always knew she would eventually write she just did not know what exactly and how. The Meinser training made everything crystal clear. She is to be a multifunctional storyteller, a writer and actor. She started on the good stuff after finishing training, she did a 21-show run of Shakespeare’s Tempest at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden, playing Ferdinand.

Currently, Sara is figuring out how she can actually “be” an actor and writer while also making rent. She lives in Lower Holloway, North London with two Meisner-trained actresses in a surprisingly low drama household and works as an events waiter.

She is growing into it all. Her life, her skin, body, her journey. One minute, day, tiny step at a time. She will get there, albeit there is no “there” to get to, just travelling the journey that will make up the rest of her life. You can email her at saravetro@gmail.com



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